Viral 4 pinay 2023

Have you heard the news? Four Filipinas caught the world’s attention and earned their place in history — and it all happened in the year 2023! Social media was abuzz with awe and admiration for these women, who’ve become inspiring role models for a new generation of Pinays. In this article, let’s take a look at their incredible stories.
4 Pinays Making History: Viral in 2023
The Viral 4 Pinay 2023

Meet the four inspiring Filipino women who form the influential team of Viral 4 Pinay 2023. The goal of Viral 4 Pinay 2023 is to promote and celebrate female talent in the Philippines. Here’s an overview of who they are:

  • Gina de Matarazzo – She is a life coach and an advocate for mental health awareness.
  • Marissa Ugay – She’s a multi-disciplined artist, ranging from music and painting to photography.
  • Celine Dominguez – She is an advocate for cultural diplomacy and a UN representative.
  • Ella Landis – She is an entrepreneur and social innovator who specializes in product design.

Viral 4 Pinay 2023 are working to empower and elevate Filipino women in the world. This includes advocating for gender equality, improving civic engagement, and increasing economic and educational opportunities. They use multiple platforms — from podcasts and webinars to social media campaigns — to spread their mission. This team of dynamic and motivated women has gained momentum in the last few months and they have become well-known for their inspiring initiatives.

These four Filipinas have made their mark on history and are sure to stay with us for years to come. They’ve not only showcased the achievements of Pinays, but also inspire all of us to make history and challenge the status quo. We can’t wait to see what further groundbreaking accomplishments this inspiring group of women will make in the years ahead!

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