5 Pirate Tactics To Hide Their Tracks

5 Pirate Tactics To Hide Their Tracks

Cyber crimes are increasing day by day, but only a limited number of cybercriminals are caught. Why? Because they eliminate their traces. You’re probably looking for 5 Pirate Tactics to Hide Their Tracks as well. Right? Let’s get started without wasting our time.

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The 5 Pirate Tactics To Hide Their Tracks are – 

Attacking platforms that won’t alert

This is a common thing found out by cyber security professionals in 2020

Criminals have targeted a large number of trusted platforms in recent years.

Some examples that show that criminals are more interested in targeting legit platforms that are difficult to protect by firewalls and other security monitoring tools are – 

Ngrok is used by cyber security personnel interested in gathering data and putting up mock tunnels. 

But it is also widely used by hackers as it’s trusted because it can help them in connecting to the infected system via the tunnel. 

GitHub is also attacked by many attackers to host malware. Some attackers even attacked GitHub and Imgur using an open-source PowerShell script. 

Cobalt Strike is a popular pen-testing framework, but it is also misused by many cyber-criminals.

Upstream attacks

Software supply chain security attacks have also gained the attention of professionals. 

These attacks exploit trust within familiar partner ecosystems and capitalize on the reputation of the targeted platform. 

Aim of the attackers in these kinds of attacks – 

  • Push malicious code upstream to a trusted codebase related to a brand. 

It is believed that any platform open to all is also prone to adversaries. That’s why many supply chain attacks open-source platforms. 

To prevent these attacks, it’s important to take action on multiple fronts. Additionally, platforms have to increase their investment to keep their builds safe. 

Funnelling crypto payments

Dark Web marketplace traders and ransomware demanders have started dealing in cryptocurrencies. We all know that cryptos are one of the best ways to transfer money if someone wants to maintain anonymity. 

And that’s why criminals have started transferring money via cryptos. 

Using common channels and protocols

Trusted platforms that are used by legit applications provide attackers with an amazing way to mask their footsteps. 

Coding malware

According to a report, malware authors are using uncommon programming languages to evade detection. 

And rewriting malware in new languages indicates that the signature-based tools won’t flag it. 

So cyber-criminals are also using this method to hide their tracks.

End Note 

So these are the 5 pirate tactics to hide their tracks. I hope you’ve understood all these techniques of hackers properly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What methods do hackers use to cover their tracks? 

    The most commonly used methods are steganography and tunneling. 

  2. How would a black hat hacker cover their tracks?

    Some of the methods used for doing so are –
    Disable auditing.
    Clearing logs
    Manipulating logs, etc.

  3. Why hackers cover their tracks?

    Hackers do this so that no one can track or catch them. 

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