7 Unexpected Ways to Say ‘In Conclusion’!

Having trouble finding the right words to wrap up your presentation or essay? Don’t fret! In this article, we’ll introduce you to 7 unexpected ways to say “in conclusion” that will leave a memorable impact on your audience. Keep reading to learn phrases that will help you gracefully end your speech or writing piece!
7 Unexpected Ways to Say 'In Conclusion'!

To Sum Up – there are many different ways one can say “in conclusion.” Cultures, generations, and contexts all suggest different conclusions for a particular situation. Consider the audience and purpose of your writing before choosing a phrase. Popular options are “in summary,” “in closing,” and “all in all.”

If none of these sound right, there are other ways to get your point across. Here are some alternatives:

  • In short
  • Overall
  • In the long run
  • Ultimately
  • Last but not least
  • To recapitulate

Depending on your purpose, you can also think of creative alternatives such as “as one could tell,” “seeing that,” and “in a nutshell.” These can add some freshness to your writing without detracting from your main message. Combine phrases to emphasize a point and help add personality to your writing. So, now that you have all this information, as well as some fresh new ways to represent your in conclusion statement, it’s time for you to go out and put your newfound knowledge to the test. Have fun looking for the perfect conclusion expression to finish off your projects with flair and finesse!

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