I messed up and made the wrong person into a magical girl chapter 1

Have you ever been watching a magical girl show and thought to yourself, ‘what would happen if the mistake-turning-the-wrong-person-into-a-magical-girl/” title=”My Big Mistake: Turning the Wrong Person into a Magical Girl”>wrong person became a magical girl…?’. We’ve all had this thought before – it is almost impossible to imagine someone other than the protagonist becoming a magical girl and having to face the challenges that come with it. However, this is exactly what happened in the first chapter of our story, ‘A Big Mistake: Making the Wrong Person a Magical Girl’. Read on to find out what happened when the wrong person became a magical girl, what dangers they faced, and how they managed to overcome them.
A Big Mistake: Making the Wrong Person a Magical Girl - Ch. 1

It all started when Lily, a young teen, stumbled upon a strange item on her way home from school one day. Lily found this item to be a magical wand and without hesitation, Lily made the wrong wish, hoping her life could be better. Little did she know, this wish would have consequences…

Chapter 1: I Messed Up and Made the Wrong Person Into a Magical Girl

  • Lily wanted to help people and make their lives better – but she quickly learns that it comes with lots of responsibility.
  • Due to an ancient pact, Lily is made into a magical girl, with powers beyond her wildest imagination.
  • She soon discovers she is the only one able to take on such a role and is thrown into tasks and missions she never expected.
  • Learning to control her newfound power while mastering the responsibility that comes with it proves to be challenging for Lily.

Lily is determined not to let her mistake define her, so she sets off on an adventure to prove that she is the one the world needs. The only issue is, she might not be ready to take on this mission alone.

So, that’s Chapter 1 of “A Big Mistake: Making the Wrong Person a Magical Girl”! As we saw, the consequences of the mistake could be immense and seriously endanger others. In the next chapter, we’ll find out how the magical girl learns to cope with her situation, and how it affects her relationships with those she cares about. Until then, keep an eye out for the next installment!

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