A Look at Paul Henri Nargeolet’s Submarine Career

Since World War II, Paul Henri Nargeolet has made a name for himself as one of the most decorated submariners in the French Navy. As a submarine officer, he participated in a number of notable operations – commanding vessels in the cold war, on anti-pirate patrols, and many other missions. Let’s take a closer look at Paul Henri Nargeolet’s fascinating submarine career.
A Look at Paul Henri Nargeolet's Submarine Career

Paul Henri Nargeolet was a renowned French submariner who was a pioneer in the early years of the submarine. He was a major influence on the direction of modern submarines and propelled France to become a formidable force in naval warfare.

  • Education and service: Nargeolet was educated as a Naval Engineer at École Navale, and later joined the French Navy where he became a noted submariner. He was highly educated and rose through the ranks to serve in high-ranking positions.
  • Inventions: He was responsible for key innovations in submarine design and weaponry. He designed the first collapsible conning tower which allowed French submarines to surface quickly, and a portable naval gun.
  • Legacy: He was a respected man and was highly influential in the French Navy. The French Navy built a submarine in his honor, named after him –the “Sous-Marin Paul-Henri Nargeolet” – to commemorate his immense contribution to submarine warfare.

Nargeolet was a major presence in the submarine world and was an inspiration for other submarine captains. He was famously quoted for saying, “A submariner must never lose sight of the surface while diving,” echoing the importance of being vigilant even in the deepest ocean. His legacy and achievements live on in modern submarines.

Paul Henri Nargeolet was an extraordinary submariner, and his career continues to be an influential and inspiring one. His willingness to take risks and lead the way made him a natural leader and a true pioneer of the submarine industry. Despite his untimely end, his legacy lives on in the submarines he commanded and the many engineers and professionals he mentored. He will always be remembered as one of the great legends of submarine warfare.

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