A Look Back at Cheaper By The Dozen (1950)

The 1950 family comedy “Cheaper By The Dozen” starring Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy has been a fan favorite for years, showcasing the hilarity and heartbreak of a large family. This beloved classic has been referred to as one of the ultimate family films, and we’re taking a look back at how this movie made such an impression. From funny moments to the touching message behind it, let’s take a journey back in time to revisit this movie and discover why it’s remained a favorite all these years.
A Look Back at Cheaper By The Dozen (1950)

The fantastic movie, Cheaper by the Dozen was released in 1950. It was based on two real-life books; one written by two efficiency experts about managing large families, and one by their daughter — both called ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’. The movie tells the story of the Gilbreth family, who consists of 12 children and two often-battling parents. What makes this movie special is that it has something to teach viewers besides simply providing entertainment.

Cheaper by the Dozen lets the audience in on the trials and tribulations of an unusually large family. The movie really is a heart-warmer, with its musical and comedy numbers woven into the plot as a family struggles against all odds. It captures both the hardships and joys of family life, with moments of well-timed hilarity. The movie epitomizes family values, togetherness, education and also about success.

  • The movie has heart-warming moments
  • It eloquently captures the hardships and joys of family life
  • The movie epitomizes family values, togetherness, education and success

Cheaper by the Dozen may be over 70 years old, but its legacy still lives on as a timeless classic. While it may be known for the 2003 remake which stars Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt, its original iteration from 1950 still stands out as a highlight in cinema for its attitude, wit, and imaginative tale of a family’s struggles and successes. It’s no wonder that it still has a devoted and loyal fanbase, and is an evergreen choice for movie night.

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