Active Shooting Raleigh NC, Today, Suspect, Greenway 2022

Active Shooting Raleigh NC

Many people have been searching for active shooting Raleigh NC, recently. So I’m here to tell you about the topic in detail. Let’s start –

Five individuals were shot and killed near a northeastern Raleigh greenway on 13th October, which shocked many people. This incident drew the attention of the whole nation, and people in that area now feel unsafe because of this.

Two other people were also shot but were admitted to the hospital on time. One of them was a Raleigh Police K-9 officer who suffered non-life-threatening wounds. He has also been discharged from the hospital. But the other individual’s life is still in danger because he had suffered life-threatening injuries.  

Raleigh Police Lieutenant Borneo confirmed that a male juvenile is in custody. The investigation regarding this incident is still active. Coos are still collecting evidence from the scene and speaking to witnesses to get any clues. 

N.C. governor Roy also joined Baldwin, Borneo, and other officers for a media briefing.

Cooper’s statement regarding the incident is, “Tonight, terror has reached our doorstep.” He also said that the incident was horrific. 

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety has made various state resources available in the shooting area. The cops of the region in Hedingham have suggested residents not to move outside. They also requested the citizens to inform the police if they found anything doubtful. 

Raleigh Police also suggested residents of McConnell Oliver Drive, Tarheel Club Drive, and Old Milburnie Road remain in their homes. Drivers are also advised to avoid moving through these areas. 

The N.C. governor also tweeted at 6:54 p.m., telling the people that he had talked to the Mayor and instructed the state law enforcement to provide aid if needed. He also relieved citizens by telling them that local and state officers are working their level best to stop the shooter. 

The agencies that are dispatched to help the Raleigh cops are – State Highway Patrol aviation and local patrol members, State capitol police officers, alcohol law enforcement agents and the State Bureau of Investigation.

The governor also thanked these officers who coordinated and assisted the Raleigh cops in the investigation even when they knew about the shooter. 

One witness named Robert Anderson has detailed the gunman. He said that he saw the gunman from his back deck and described his appearance as wearing a camouflage shirt and pants, black boots, and a backpack that was filled to the brim. He was walking straight, had a gun on his side, and was pointing downward. 

Another witness told the cops that the shooter was wearing black boots and seemed to be a teenager. 

The cops are still investigating the juvenile and looking for proof that can lead them to the criminal. There is no reason why the gunman shot those seven people. 

This is all about the active shooting Raleigh NC; I wish you to stay safe. 

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