All About Ash Barty’s Net Worth

Ash Barty has become one of the biggest stars in the world when it comes to tennis. She’s taken the sport by storm since she burst onto the scene back in 2012 and she’s now one of the highest paid athletes in the world. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Ash Barty’s net worth and how she’s managed to accumulate such an impressive financial portfolio.
All About Ash Barty's Net Worth

Australian tennis player Ash Barty is one of the stars of the sport and has accumulated a vast net worth. Her estimated net worth is believed to be around $15.3 million. Barty is ranked No. 1 in singles and No. 5 in doubles in the Women’s Tennis Association world rankings.

Barty earned most of her money through her successful, and ongoing, tennis career. In 2019, she made $8.19 million in endorsements. She has endorsement deals with brands such as Rolex, Verimo, and KIA cars. Barty was also the first Australian to win the WTA singles title since 1973, with a prize money of $2.11 million.

  • 2019 earnings: $8.19 million
  • Prize Money Earned: $2.11 million
  • Endorsement Deals: Rolex, Verimo, KIA cars

Ash Barty is an incredible tennis player, who is loved not only by Australian tennis fans, but by tennis fans all around the world. From her records-breaking career earnings, to her endorsement deals, and philanthropic activities, there is so much to admire about her. With a current net worth of $22 million, it is clear that Ash Barty is living her tennis dreams. As she continues to grow her tennis career and fortune, it will be no surprise if Ash Barty continues to ascend to even higher heights.

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