American Academy Of CPR & First Aid, inc. Scholarship 2023/2024

American Academy Of CPR & First Aid, inc. Scholarship 2023/2024

We are aware that several applicants who wish to further their education in nursing through scholarship opportunities in the USA have applied for the American Academy Of CPR & First Aid, inc. Scholarship 2023/2024.

It is no longer news that nursing is by far the most popular course to study in the world right now. The statistics of students choosing to study nursing have long skyrocketed due not only to the relevance of the course but also to how nurses are loved all over the world and not to mention the fact that nurses are well-paid

According to Wikipedia, nursing is a health profession focused on caring for individuals, families, and communities to achieve, maintain, or regain optimal health and quality of life.

Likewise, they assume essential roles of education, improvement of situations, and support. Nurse practitioners differ from other healthcare providers in their approach to patient care, their training, and the scope of their practice.

Nurses work in a variety of fields with varied degrees of prescribing power. Nurses are the largest component of most healthcare settings, but there is evidence of an international shortage of qualified nurses.

Many nurses provide the care prescribed by doctors, and this traditional role has shaped the public image of nurses as providers of care. Nurse practitioners are nurses with graduate degrees in advanced nursing practice.

However, they are licensed by most jurisdictions to practice independently in a variety of settings. Since the postwar period, nursing education has diversified into advanced degrees and specializations, and many of the traditional standards and provider roles are changing.

Nurses develop a plan of re and work with doctors, therapists, the patient, the patient’s family, and other team members who focus on treating the disease to improve quality of life.

In the United Kingdom and the United States, clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners diagnose health problems and prescribe appropriate medications and other therapies, depending on specific state regulations.

Nurses can help coordinate patient care provided by other members of a multidisciplinary healthcare team, such as therapists, physicians, and dietitians. Nurses provide care both interdependently, for example with physicians, and independently as nurses. Nurses not only give treatment and assistance but also educate the public and encourage wellness.

Students enrolled or applying to enroll in any degree program in the fields of education or health in any accredited university in the USA can apply for the wonderful scholarship. This is the golden opportunity brought to you by the American Academy of CPR and First Aid Inc.

This program was launched to maximize the spread of important first aid and CPR training and to share more stories of future educators and healthcare professionals. First aid that is administered correctly can prevent many future issues. Recipients will receive funds for their future educational careers.

First Aid and CPR Training by the American Academy Inc. was founded with a simple mission in mind: learn how to save a life. With this goal in mind in the company’s development and ambitions, the company has created high-quality online CPR courses to help students excel.

These courses are designed to help the general public, teachers, nursing home workers, childcare workers, and other medical professionals learn the CPR skills and first aid knowledge needed to save a life.

Who can be eligible?

  • Students who meet the following standards can only apply for the scholarship
  • A student applying for this scholarship must be currently enrolled, or in the next academic year, in a degree program in the field of health or education at an accredited US university.
  • The age requirement for candidates is at least 18.
  • Students should focus their essays, such as scholarship reviews, on what counts as a “health field,” and this can include students seeking mental health degrees or professions, as well as nonprofit and administrative programs. Applicants are allowed to explain why their chosen field of study can be classified as healthcare or education.

How to register?

If you are eligible based on the above criteria, you are ready to apply for the grant. Applicants should send their application with the required documents in the following email to to be considered.

Backup documents

  • Candidates should submit an updated CV with the candidates’ namesaddresses, phone numbers, and email.
  • Applicants should write an essay between 750 and 1,000 words, explaining their career aspirations, how they plan to advance health care and/or education than their work, and what inspired them to get involved in this domain. You can submit your essay as an attached Word file or link as a Google doc.
  • Applicants must attach a copy of their most recent academic transcript to demonstrate enrollment in an eligible degree program from a credited US institution. OR A copy of your acceptance letter, confirming your future enrollment in an eligible degree program at accredited US institutions.
  • You must provide your school’s GPA.
  • The scholarship winner will be required to submit a photocopy of a government-issued ID card or driver’s license.


The outstanding researcher receives the “Save a Life” scholarship worth 1,500. This scholarship is awarded twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. The award will help students achieve a higher quality education.

Registration deadline

The deadline for a fall scholarship is October 1, 2023.

Apply now

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