Asuu Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024: Complete Update!

Asuu Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024

The Academic staff union of universities began a strike in February 2022, severely affecting public universities’ admission process. And you may be here to know about “asuu strike is sweet 2023/2024.” Right? Yes? Go through the article and get some essential details about the same.

TopicAsuu Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024
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Article AboutAsuu Strike Is Sweet 2023/2024: Complete Update!

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ASUU strike is sweet 2023/2024 

The ASUU strike wasn’t sweet; it created many problems for students and the government. 

Students were unsure about their admissions, and the government was totally frustrated about their strike. 

Now let’s know some more details about the strike – 

Skilling up because of the ASUU strike 

Hopes to get admission to Universities are hanging in Uncertainty. And that’s why many UTME candidates are focusing more on getting temporary work and developing skills. The students who already have skills are working to hone them. 

Some candidates who are upskilling are – 

Faith = she is a learner who is undergoing training as a hairstylist. 

Opeyemi = is helping an organization in sales. 

And just like these students, many others are working or upskilling to keep themselves engaged and utilize their time. 

Why did ASUU suspend its strike?

The Nigerian government was totally frustrated by ASUU’s demand, and that’s why it dragged the Union to the National Industrial court. 

In September’s ruling, the Court ordered the Union lecturers to return to the classrooms and resume their work. But it didn’t work out. The Court of Appeal permitted the Union a conditional leave to the order of the Industrial Court. 

However, in October, it ordered that ASUU resume classes as soon as possible. After this order, ASUU suspended its eight-month-long strike. 

ASUU’s intimidation over “no-work, no-pay” – the Situation isn’t normal yet

ASUU has intimidated the government to skip the backlog of classes stopped due to the strike. Many ASUU members are arguing that the no-work no pay policy should not be applied to them because they are clearing the backlogs of work.

ASUU’s chairman called parents and students to let them know the things happening after the suspension. 

He stated, “Since the Court suspended their strike, they are working hard and clearing the backlog of workers.” No lecturer in the world is treated as a casual worker, and they are dissatisfied with the federal government’s “no work, no pay” policy.

During the time of their strike, they were fulfilling their every responsibility of being a lecturer except teaching. And now, they are doing that left over work properly.

He also asked parents and students not to view this fight only for ASUU. Besides, he also stated that if the government won’t pay them for the strike period, they will abandon that work, ultimately leading to outright cancellation of leftover sessions work.

If the government persists with this rule, they will resume their work from the 2022/2023 session.” 

What are the alternatives for students?

The situation is still unclear because of the government’s no-work, no-pay thing, which is why admission to universities is still uncertain. 

Although students have alternatives – they can take admission to a private university and go to some other country for studies. But this isn’t affordable to most students. 

Private universities in Nigeria charge between N800,000 to N2.4 million just for one session for an undergraduate course. 

And foreign universities’ tuition fees depend on the country students prefer to go to. But this also isn’t a great alternative for most students. 

So concisely, there are alternatives, but most students can’t go for them. They can just pray for the situation to get normal so that they can take admission in public universities.  


So this is all about asuu strike is sweet 2023/2024. The Union is saying that they will resume their work from session 2023/2024 if the government persists on their no work, no pay rule thing.

And admissions are still uncertain because of the same. So we can just hope for the situation to become normal asap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Has ASUU strike 2022 been called off?

    Yes, the Union suspended its strike after the order of the Court of Appeal. 

  2. Is ASUU strike over?

    Yes, as of now, the eight-month-long strike is over. 

  3. What is the ASUU strike about?

    The strike was started to pressure the Nigerian government to increase funding for institutions, review the lecturer’s salary and other issues. 

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