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Blackfridaydeals Com: Black Friday, which is most popularly celebrated in the US, is a day that is usually celebrated after Thanksgiving where retailers give their customers some discount. It is filled with offers and can be referred to as a Shopping Festival.

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The question is when exactly is this Black Friday?

Black Friday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November, this year it is on the 25th of November. Now the question arises as to why it is called as Black Friday when there is a lot of shopping and discounts happening.

The answer to this is simple. Back on 24th September 1869, in the US, was regarded as a panic where a financial panic was being illuminated by the gold speculators. This led them to call the day as Black Friday.

Now, why is it called Black and not anything else?

Yes, the question is obvious, why just black and not white, red, or any other colour? Mainly because black means just black meaning there is just profit and not any losses in it.

It is believed that when the word Black is connected to any historical loss, thereby meaning that it is a period of total economic crash leading to Economic Stress.

Back to the History of Black Friday

Black Friday was named when a Financier and Businessman named Jay Gould and James Fisk first tried to exploit the gold market by cornering it which led to the total collapse of the gold market and resulted in economic panic thereby leading to the collapse. This eventually led to total depression.

In business and economics, black and red colours mean to profit and loss in the economy.

Black Friday has become an important part of the US in the course of years and retailers get busy the entire year planning to make their customers happy with their exceptional offers and discounts.

The customers are also aware of the day and make sure they take full advantage of these discounts and make their most of the shopping on this Black Friday.

The customers rush so much and so that they rush in to the stores once the doors are opened and it so happened back in 2008 that loads of customers rushed in to a store as the store got opened and they killed the worker there by their stampede.

From this day, it became necessary that cops were specially appointed to takecare and look after and also handle the crowd so no such incident happens again in the future. The cops work hard in 12-hour shifts to ensure safety during this time of the shopping spree.

Why is Black Friday so important?

Black Friday unlike other days is more important to people who love shopping as they decide to spend about 80 per cent of their income on just shopping and least of about 20 per cent on travelling.

So it’s yet to be decided if Blackfridaydeals Com is a bliss or a not.

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