Box fruits update 20 release date

The long-awaited update 20 to the popular pirate-themed MMORPG Blox Fruits is finally here! Get ready to take to the seas and explore all the new content coming to the game. We’ve got all the details on what you can expect from this exciting new update, including its release date. So whether you’re a seasoned Blox Fruits player or someone who’s just getting into the game, this update is sure to bring plenty of new adventures to experience.
Blox Fruits Update 20 - Release Date Here!

Good news for Blox Fruits fans, the highly anticipated Update 20 has a release date! The new update is scheduled to arrive Thursday, December 10th.

This update will bring a variety of new content into the game, such as:

  • Two new Maps for players to explore
  • New Weapons for fighting enemies
  • New Characters to recruit as allies
  • New Crafting Materials to make better items

Players can expect a much more exciting and dynamic game play experience after the update.

So if you’re an avid Blox Fruits fan, prepare to know the update date soon and be ready to update your game when the time comes. Have fun with this new version and enjoy the new features and aspects added by the developers.

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