Can Londoners Successfully ULEZ Court Challenge?

Are you a Londoner eagerly anticipating the verdict of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) court challenge? As the ULEZ charges are due to come into effect on April 8th, some commuters are finding ways to fight back. This article will explore the potential for Londoners to successfully challenge the ULEZ court ruling. Read on to find out more!
Can Londoners Successfully ULEZ Court Challenge?
Ulez court challenge

Londoners have commenced a legal challenge against the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge. The challenge was lodged at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on the 18th of August 2019, and will argue that the charge is unlawful and should thus be withdrawn.

The legal challenge hinges on a technical argument that highlights a difference of opinion between the ULEZ and Mayor of London policy. The claimant, represented by non-profit ClientEarth, believes that lorries and vans exceeding the ULEZ emissions standards are not reported accurately to the European Union as required by law, which makes the ULEZ charge unlawful. If the challenge is successful, it could result in refunds for the thousands of drivers who have paid the controversial charge.

ClientEarth points out that the charge disproportionately affects those from lower income brackets and calls for the Mayor of London to revoke the ULEZ charge until the issue is resolved. The case is set to be brought for a judicial review and a tribunal and will challenge the Mayor of London’s decision to impose the ULEZ charge, due to its erratic enforcement. The outcome of the case could be known later this year.

So, although much remains to be seen, it’s clear that the ULEZ court case is a very important issue for Londoners. Hopefully, the court challenge will result in a positive outcome for those affected, and shed a light on the issues that have been faced by the programme so far.

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