Canada Tourist Visa Requirements 2026/2027

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements 2026/2027

Many people wish to visit Canada but don’t know the eligibility criteria or necessary documents for applying. Are you one of them? Yes? Just read this article because here, I will tell you everything about Canada tourist visa requirements 2026/2027 including the application process. 

A Canadian Visa is a stamp on an individual’s passport that permits them to enter the country. It lets the person travel and stay legally in Canada. 

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Types of visitor visa 

Multiple entry visa – in most cases, people get multiple entry visas, which means they can visit the country before the expiry of their visa. 

Single entry visa – chances of getting a single entry visa are less. It means that you can visit the country only once. 

Canada tourist visa requirements 2026/2027 

The following are the requirements – 

Eligibility criteria

A person should meet the following requirements if he wishes to apply for a tourist visa – 

  • Have a valid travel document.
  • Is Healthy. 
  • No criminal record. 
  • Have enough money for your stay in Canada. 
  • Convince the immigration officer that you’ll leave Canada
  • Convince the immigration officer that you have ties that will make you come to your country back. 
  • Have no immigration-related convictions. 

You’re not allowed to enter Canada if you are involved in any of the following activities – 

  • Criminal activity, organized crime, or human rights violations. 

Required documents

The documents required depend on your purpose for applying for a visitor visa. Some of the main documents needed are – 

  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of job which will show that you won’t look for a job in Canada. 
  • Proof of clean criminal background.
  • Letter of invitation (you’ll need it in case someone from Canada is inviting you). 
  • Attach your cover letter (it will contain details of why you wish to go to the country). 
  • Travel history. 
  • Passport. 
  • Medical (proof of being in good health). 
  • Identity documents. 
  • Photograph (as per standard given by the Canadian authorities).

How to apply for a visitor visa? 

There is a proper process for applying. Follow it to do everything smoothly – 

Step 1collect documents 


Enter the reason why you wish to visit Canada. You’ll be given four options – 

  • To visit as a tourist
  • For business
  • For a family visit
  • For compassionate reasons

Choose any of them (whichever your reason is). Answer the next further questions (if asked). 

Once you do that, you’ll be displayed with all the documents required for applying for a visa. Just scroll a bit and check that list. 

Step 2 – Apply for a visa.

  • Create an account > upload all the necessary documents > pay the fees. 

⏩ Fees for a visitor visa is CAD 100. So pay for it and move to the next step.

⏩ If your documents are incomplete, they will return your application without processing.

 You can do it online as well as offline. The choice is yours. But lemme tell you the benefits of applying online – 

You have to spend money on couriers and mailing. After that, the application delivery will take time. 

On the other hand, if you apply online, you can immediately submit your application, and processing will start. The processing of the online application is fast too. 

Step 3 – biometrics 

After uploading documents, you will get a biometric request. Submit your biometrics. (It will require CAD 85). 

After that, wait for the result. If it gets approved, move to the next steps – 

Step 4 – send your passport

If your application gets approved, they will ask you to send your password. Send them, and then you’ll get your visa. 

End Note 

So this is about how you can apply for Canada tourist visa requirements 2026/2027. I’ve mentioned details like the documents requirements, eligibility criteria, some of the frequently asked stuff, etc. In case you wish to ask something else about the visa, feel free to ask me. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much time does the processing take? 

    It varies from country to country. If you’re applying from India, it will take around 145 days. 

  2. How long can I stay in Canada on a tourist visa?

    You can stay for a maximum of six months in Canada. 

  3. Can someone work on a visitor visa?

    Legally, you can’t do any work in Canada. You must have a work permit to do that. 

  4. Can I bring my dependents with me on a visitor visa?

    Yes, you can. 

  5. Can I convert my visitor visa to a work permit?

    Yes, you can, but it too has a specific process. Follow that and hope for the best. 

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