Cargo Ships of Fortnite: What They Carry

If you’re a Fortnite fan, you know that cargo ships are part of the fun. But what do these ships actually transport – and why? In this article, we’ll dive deep into cargo ships of Fortnite and reveal what these vessels really carry. Keep reading to find out!
Cargo Ships of Fortnite: What They Carry

Fortnite is known for its popular battle royale genre, but not everyone realizes that it also involves a few cargo ships. The boats transport valuable merchandise for whatever task the player is working on.

The boats come in multiple sizes to accommodate different payloads. Smaller boats can carry resources such as wood, stone, and metal. Mid-sized boats have the capacity to transport weapons and other items of value. The largest ships are able to transport the heaviest cargo including guns, traps, and chests.

  • Smaller boats can transport resources like wood, stone and metal
  • Mid-sized boats can transport weapons and other items of value
  • The largest boats can carry the heaviest cargo, such as guns, traps and chests

The cargo ships are a huge help for completing Fortnite projects. They provide an invaluable service for players looking to get around in a jiffy or move multiple items at once. Not only are they a big help, they also look really cool! That’s all you need to know about cargo ships and what they carry in Fortnite. Whether it’s bringing loot to the island or carrying away a top-secret project, these vessels provide a lot of opportunity for discovery. With the ever-changing landscape of the game, you never know what’s coming next. So, keep your eyes open!

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