Celine Dion Fights Her Disease Bravely

Celine Dion is a household name and a true icon. We all admire her powerful voice and unwavering courage to keep pushing forward. But what we may not know is that Dion is facing a tough battle against a mysterious disease. Today, we’re taking a look at how she is courageously fighting back and what it means for us all.
Celine Dion Fights Her Disease Bravely

Celine Dion has recently revealed that she suffers from a rare disease called ‘Middle Ear Effusion’. The Canadian songstress has been dealing with this illness since 2014 when she took a break from her ‘Celine Dion’ residency show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Middle Ear Effusion is a condition which is caused by fluid build-up in the middle ear chamber. This fluid can impair hearing and cause pain and other discomforts including dizziness, infectious diseases and, if left untreated, can lead to complications like meningitis or mastoiditis.

To treat the condition, Celine underwent a specialized surgical procedure called a “ventilation tube myringotomy”. This procedure involves closing the eardrums to make them air-tight and draining any fluid from the middle ear. In some cases, antibiotics might also be recommended to prevent any risk of infections.

Additionally, Celine’s team of medical experts has suggested her to do exercises that can reduce inflammation and improve air circulation in her middle ear. The exercises include jaw stretching, neck stretching, head rotation and eye rolls.

Celine Dion is an inspiration for everyone throughout the world. The fierce fight she has put up against her disease is something that should be applauded. She’s a brave woman who never gave up, and we can all learn from her courage and tenacity. It’s no wonder that she’s been such a successful musician and entrepreneur all these years.

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