Cheaper by the Dozen (2003): A Movie Review

Everyone’s heard of the classic ‘Cheaper By the Dozen (2003)’, the family comedy starring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. The movie depicts a unique and madcap depiction of a family of twelve children, showcasing the hilarity and chaos of family life. In this informative movie review, we’ll explore why this movie has stood the test of time, and why it should be on the top of your watch-list.
Cheaper by the Dozen (2003): A Movie Review

Cheaper by the Dozen 2003 was a US family comedy film directed and co-produced by Shawn Levy, and starring Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt. It is a remake of the classic 1950 film of the same name by the same director. The film follows a record-breaking family as they manage to move in and out of situations that challenged them.

The film mainly revolves around Tom Baker and his wife, Kate, who have a total of 12 children. When Kate finds out that Tom has been offered a prestigious job at a well-known sports college, she is determined to take the opportunity to change their lives and that of their children. Tom reluctantly agrees and the family embarks on an adventurous journey to a new state. Along the way, they find themselves facing a few mishaps and bonds are strengthened between the parents and the kids.

  • Key Story Elements
  • 12 children
  • Parents Tom and Kate Baker
  • Tom’s job at a sports college
  • Adventurous journey to a new state

In conclusion, despite its many flaws, “Cheaper by the Dozen (2003)” offers plenty of fun and light-hearted entertainment. If you’re looking for a family-friendly comedy to laugh along to, then look no further. Grab a bucket of popcorn and get ready to enjoy this classic favorite!

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