Check Out Times Union Obituaries in Minutes!

Are you looking for an obituary for a recently passed loved one, but don’t want to spend hours poring through newspaper archives? Look no further! With Times Union Obituaries, you can now find obituaries quickly and easily in just a few minutes — update yourself on who just passed away and find all the necessary information quickly!
Check Out Times Union Obituaries in Minutes!
What is a Times Union Obituary?

A Times Union obituary is a short notice published in the newspaper regarding the death of an individual. The obituaries are published in the newspaper, usually within a few days of the persons passing. They provide information on the deceased, including their family, friends and accomplishments.

How to Post an Obituary to the Times Union

If you would like to post an obituary for the Times Union, you’ll need to gather the necessary information to include in your notice. This may include the following:

  • Name of Deceased
  • Death Date and Location
  • Family Members
  • Obituary Statement
  • Memorial Service Details

You may post an obituary by submitting the notice to the newspaper online or by fax. The obituary must be accompanied by payment for the submission, to cover the cost of publishing. You can then wait for the notice to appear in the paper.

Take advantage of Times Union’s convenient and user-friendly obituary search feature! You can easily spend just minutes reading up on the latest news in your community and discovering information about recently deceased loved ones. So when you need to find out more information on an obituary, you know Times Union will have you covered.

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