ff16 chapter list – What to Know

Everything you need to know about FF16 can be found in this checklist! As the newest instalment of the Final Fantasy franchise, FF16 offers players an intriguing world full of adventure, exploration, and battles. So, if you’re looking for the ins and outs of the game before you dive in, look no further! Here, you’ll find all the must-know details, from characters and plot points, to the various chapters and elements of the game. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our FF16 Chapters – What to Know checklist!
Checklist: FF16 Chapters - What to Know

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy games and most especially Final Fantasy 16, here is a list of chapters complete with their corresponding names and synopsis.

  • Chapter 0 – Into the Darkness
  • Chapter 1 – In Search of Evermore
  • Chapter 2 – Overcoming Fear
  • Chapter 3 – Return of the Darkened World
  • Chapter 4 – Prophecy of the Dead
  • Chapter 5 – The Final Promise
  • Chapter 6 – Past, Present and Future
  • Chapter 7 – Beyond the Darkened Sky
  • Chapter 8 – A World Reborn

Chapter 0 begins with the focus on a group of previous monsters that were sealed away since the dawn of time who are now stirring and bringing chaos and destruction to the world. You the protagonist is the only one who can bring light to the darkness and seal away the monsters once again. Chapter 1 to 4 follows the story of you and a team of companions going through the lands to defeat the monsters. Chapter 5 onwards is about the story the protagonists’ own struggles and how they overcome them. So buckle up guys and enjoy this ride to the end!

We hope this checklist gave a comprehensive overview of the FF16 chapters and what to know to help you stay organized. Keep this checklist in mind before starting your journey, and have an enjoyable and productive experience with FF16!

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