chrome 86 hinders phishing with very short urls

The internet can be a scary place. With malicious phishing scams and dangerous websites lurking at every turn, it’s important to be aware and take precautions to protect yourself from cyberthreats. Fortunately, Google Chrome’s latest update, Chrome 86, is here to reduce the risk of phishing scams with its new short URL feature. Keep reading to find out more about how this feature is helping to keep you safe online.
Chrome 86 Keeps You Safe from Phishing with Short URLs.

Google Chrome 86 has a fantastic feature for keeping users safe from malicious links – Short URLs are now blocked by default.

The idea is to protect users from phishing URLS that hide nefarious content. It works as follows:

  • URLs that are shorter than 14 characters long will trigger a warning
    The browser will pop-up a warning when you try to click on a link with a URL that is 14 characters or less.
  • URLs are flagged for additional scrutiny
    If the link looks suspicious, further analysis is done, and the user will be warned of potential security risk.
  • Choose not to visit any flagged URL
    Chrome 86 encourages users to be vigilant and not click on short URLs. Heeding this advice can keep you safe from potential malicious content.

Making sure you are secure on the internet is more important than ever. With Chrome 86, Google takes another step to safeguard users from potential security risks.

It’s always great to see how Chrome is keeping us safe, and the Short URLs feature is just one step closer to creating a safe space on the internet. Keeping your computer secure should always be a priority, and Chrome 86 does just that. Now that you know how to protect yourself from phishing with Chrome 86’s Short URL feature, be sure to keep an eye out for it when browsing the web.

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