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Meaning of linear programming in Data Science 

Data science has advanced into an interdisciplinary field that is highly influenced by other subjects like computer science, math, statistics, and others. And this advancement has helped a lot in making better decisions in business. 

It also greatly aided businesses in understanding the significance of the data they had accumulated during their existence. 

Data scientists make use of different software to help inspect what a business is going through. How? It analyzes existing data, locates patterns, and does other important things. 

Predictive analytics = it’s the process of studying the effects and factors behind the current position of the business. 

Now, let’s get to linear programming – Linear programming isn’t only the procedure of writing code for a device or piece of software. It’s an optimization that helps in finding the mathematical models that will give the best results. 

For creating a linear program, it’s essential to have a strong knowledge of the fundamentals of linear programming.

How to obtain solutions for linear programming? 

For solving any linear programming issue, the following are the four steps –

  • Find decision variables.
  • Establish the objective function’s role.
  • Decide the restriction’s parameter. 
  • Note down the boundations in any negative’s absence. 

What are the different ways to approach any linear program?

There are four methods – 

  1. Graphical
  2. Simplex
  3. Northwest corner
  4. And the least cost method. 

Graphical method 

  • Used to sort out issues having two variables. 
  • Most fundamental and commonly utilized.

Simple Method

  • In this method, an iterative process is used to reach the best possible solution.
  • Important variables can be substituted one at a time until the maximum/minimum value is reached.

Northwest Corner and least cost method 

  • Used to sort out transportation-related issues and find out the best way to transport stuff. 
  • These methods are best suited for solving supply-demand problems. 

Ciftcikitap’s official website 

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  10. And google cloud big data AWS. 

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End Note –

So this is all I wanted to mention about technology digital. Wanna ask anything? Feel free to mention that question in the comment section. 

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