Colleen Ballinger’s Siblings: A Quick Overview

If you’re a fan of Colleen Ballinger and her outrageous, hilariously over-the-top character Miranda Sings, then you already know that she has an incredible and supportive family. A lot of her fans may not know about her siblings, though, so here’s a quick overview to get you up to speed!
Colleen Ballinger's Siblings: A Quick Overview

Colleen Ballinger, an American comedian, singer, actress, and YouTube personality, has 3 siblings. Her oldest brother is Christopher Ballinger who is also her manager and is a part of her YouTube videos.

Her second brother is, Joshua David Ballinger, who is an artist and also featured on a few of her YouTube videos. He does drawings and occasionally edits videos for her. Her third and youngest sibling is Rachel Ballinger who was featured in some of Colleen’s early videos. Rachel is also an actress and a YouTuber who documents her life and performs sketch comedy.

  • Christopher Ballinger– Manager, YouTube cameo appearances
  • Joshua David Ballinger– Artist, YouTube cameo appearances
  • Rachel Ballinger– Actress, YouTuber

Colleen Ballinger’s siblings certainly add to the uniqueness of her life story, and it is clear that they provide a strong source of support and understanding for each other. Though there isn’t too much information available on the Ballinger siblings, their interactions on social media still give fans a glimpse at the strong bond they all share, and it makes us hopeful that they will be able to take on whatever life throws at them together.

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