College Scholarships Dealing With Sickle Cell Anemia 2023/2024

College Scholarships Dealing With Sickle Cell Anemia 2023/2024

College Scholarships Dealing With Sickle Cell Anemia 2023/2024: Sickle-cell anemia is a hereditary condition where the cells develop disorders like and thus change their shape into a sickle shape.

It is also reported that in this condition the cells die early followed by the blockage of blood flow further causing pain.

For anyone who is suffering from Sickle cell Anemia, their levels of hemoglobin are usually abnormal, thus turning the red blood cells to go hard and sticky and they start to look like a C-shaped organ called a “sickle.” The sickle-prone cells tend to die early, which further reduces the number of red blood cells.

The only way to get rid of this disease is a stem cell or bone marrow transplantation. It is also reportedly said that people suffering from sickle cell anemia can live their lives to the fullest and enjoy most activities just like other people.

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What is the College Scholarships Dealing With Sickle Cell Anemia 2023/2024?

Usually, students suffering from sickle cell anemia tend to miss out on their studies due to their doctor visits or the hospital stay they would have to be.

They even tend to get serious attacks where the pain is severe and also the attacks may make the students go weak and tired for a few weeks.

But there are some organizations that help these students to get scholarships in order for they might continue their studies.

These are some of the scholarships for sickle cell anemia-affected students:

Kermit B. Nash Academic Scholarship

This is the one scholarship that is given to sickle cell anemia-affected students. It is more than nearly $5,000.00 which is given annually, and it is renewable for up to four years of study.

Students affected or diagnosed with sickle cell disease and who are enrolled in college programs can apply.

The Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California Scott Zuniga Memorial Scholarship Fund

Another scholarship for individuals affected with sickle cell disease and who reside in Ventura, Riverside, and Counties can apply for the required help from the Zuniga Fund.

The successful applicant will get rewards from $250.00-$500.00, depending on their need and available funding.

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Illinois

The Illinois Chapter of the Association helps in providing scholarship funding for Illinois residents who are affected or diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

Scholarships are given based on the applicant’s financial need, and the amount they require for attending college.

Candice’s Sickle Cell Fund, Inc.

For some years now, the Sickle Cell advocacy organization has been involved actively in helping patients with sickle cell anemia especially students. 

This group helps raise the required awareness and also provides the funds, as much as they can to help children in getting an education. They provide three types of scholarships for providing higher education.

They make sure that the awards they are giving are worth $1000 each, and this is being distributed to a large section of the post-secondary programs.

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