Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program 2023/2024

Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program 2023/2024

Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program 2023/2024: Nowadays nursing is one of the most preferred courses among pupils.

Not only in India, but students worldwide have started studying it. It’s not just because of the relevance and scope of the course but also because of the salary they can expect. 

But getting a nursing degree isn’t that easy. With effort and hard work, it also requires a considerable amount of money.

So to provide the students with some support in their higher education in the medical field, Creative Biolabs has announced its scholarship program. 

Now, many questions might be running through your head like – What is the creative Biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024? How much money does it provide? What are the eligibility criteria for getting this scholarship? How can you apply for this? How are students selected for the scholarship? 

Be calm; just read the article thoroughly because I’m here to give you answers to all these questions.

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What is the creative Biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024? 

It is a program where creative Biolabs reward outstanding college students with $1,000

I understand that it might not be a considerable amount for a nursing student, but it is more than nothing. And in countries where the dollar’s value is high, it can contribute a lot to the student’s studies. 

So if you are interested in getting this amount as a reward, you must apply for it. 

What are the eligibility criteria for the creative Biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024? 

Before moving to the eligibility criteria, lemme tell you that this scholarship is open globally. So whether you’re from the United States or Africa, you can apply. 

Now, let’s talk About the criteria –

How can you apply for the creative Biolabs scholarship?

Here’s the process – 

  1. Download and fill in the scholarship application and recommendation letter. 
  2. Email your documents at [email protected]. Enter the subject as “2023 creative biolabs scholarship application- your full name.” 
  3. Write an essay of 800-1k words on any of the following topics 
  • Overview of clinical applications of oncolytic viruses
  • Overview of clinical applications of stem cell therapy
  • Research progress of mRNA vaccine delivery system
  • Novel gene delivery systems for gene therapy.

This essay must be original and free from grammatical errors because you must have an outstanding level of written and spoken English. 

      4. Now, mail a copy of your current transcript, the essay you’ve written and the recommendation letter. 

The deadline for applying is the 30th of September, 2023. 

How will the Selection Committee review the applications? 

The creative Biolabs selection committees analyze applications by considering the following points –

  • Academic ability

Besides GPA, the selection committee considers the student’s detailed learning plan. 

  • Leadership

With academic abilities, the selection board also looks for your organization and influencing abilities. 

  • Social Concerns

Participation in volunteer activities, community services activities, etc., is also considered. 

Bottom line

So it’s about the creative Biolabs scholarship program 2023/2024. If you have any doubts, you must clear your query by emailing creative Biolabs at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can creative Biolabs share the applicant’s data with a third party?

    No, it won’t share anyone’s personal data with a third party; it will be confidential. 

  2. Who will determine the scholarship winner of the creative Biolabs scholarship program? 

    The selection committee will decide the winner. 

  3. When will the winner be announced?

    The winner will be announced on the 17th of October, 2023, and he will be notified by email. 

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