Crush It With the Microsoft Mahjong Daily Challenge

Are you looking for an easy, fun and rewarding way to pass the time? Then why not try out the Microsoft Mahjong Daily Challenge? Taking up only a few minutes of your day, you can have a blast solving puzzles and too boot, the challenge is designed to help you build skills and expand your mind. Read on to find out more and see how you can Crush It With the Microsoft Mahjong Daily Challenge!
Crush It With the Microsoft Mahjong Daily Challenge

Microsoft Mahjong Daily Challenge

Love a bit of mind-boggling fun? Microsoft Mahjong has something for you with its daily challenge. The challenge varies from simple to complex, which you can choose according to your gaming experience. It also has varying difficulty levels, which will test your skills and the satisfaction of unlocking levels will reward you after the completion of every challenge.

In the daily challenge, you will have to complete a total of two levels. In the first level, you will have to match up the mahjong tiles using a limited number of moves and in the second level you will have to complete the challenge within the specified time. Here’s an overview of the challenges you can expect:

  • Pick the mahjong tiles in a sequence of 3 to match the target pairs
  • Shuffle the game board to make the matching easier
  • Reveal the hidden pairs quickly to win a bonus

With Microsoft Mahjong, you can keep challenging yourself each day and come one step closer to solving the puzzles. So why wait for a new challenge, start playing now!

If you’re looking for a daily challenge that’s fun and keeps your mind sharp, why not give the Microsoft Mahjong Daily Challenge a try? And with so many different options to choose from, there’s something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Crush it!

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