Cummings Whitney Pregnant: Here’s What We Know!

Everyone is abuzz today with the news that Cummings Whitney is expecting their first baby! Everyone is so excited for them, but what do we know about the happy couple and their upcoming arrival? In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of their expecting news and what they’re planning for the big day. Get ready–there’s a baby on the way!

Cummings Whitney, the talk-show hostess and celebrity has recently made a huge announcement: she’s pregnant! Fans have been in excited anticipation for weeks now, as there had been speculation of a pregnancy announcement coming soon. They were right all along!

Whitney has shared that, although the news of her pregnancy has come as quite a surprise, she and her partner are beyond excited and can’t wait for the newborn baby to arrive! Whitney has asked media and fans alike to please respect her and her partner’s privacy during this very special and personal time. She also urged people to look at the positive, and to experience the joy and love of the new arrival.

  • Cummings Whitney is Pregnant
  • News of her pregnancy came as a surprise
  • Whitney and partner are thrilled and excited
  • Asking media and fans to respect privacy

As further news emerges, expect to hear more about this exciting announcement from Cummings Whitney. All the best to her and the expecting family!

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