Cybergang avoslocker wants to encrypt esxi vms from softwr akashtdr

If you’re a regular reader of IT news, you know that cybercrime is increasingly becoming a major problem. A new Cybergang, Avoskocker, is targeting virtual machines running VMware ESXi 6.7 and committing large-scale cyber fraud with its newly-created ransomware – Akashtdr! Here’s all the latest information you need to know about the recent attacks.
Cybergang Targets ESXi VMs: Avoslocker Creates Akashtdr
Cybergang Avoslocker is a new ransomware program targeting ESXi virtual machines. This type of malware has been around for some time, but the past few months have seen an increase in its popularity.

Softwr Akashtdr describes Avoslocker as a cross-platform ransomware that is highly customisable to breach and encrypt ESXi VMs. This ransomware encrypts existing data and blocks access to new data, denying access even to system administrators and shutting down key processes. It can also encrypt any cloud-based backup, making it difficult to recover data.

  • Features of Avoslocker:

Avoslocker has a few unique features:

  • It is able to spread across the network
  • It can encrypt existing data and block access to new data
  • It is capable of encrypting even cloud-based backups
  • It is highly customisable to breach and encrypt specific VMs
  • It is cross-platform, so it works on both Windows and Linux networks

These unique features make Avoslocker a powerful and dangerous ransomware that can be used to cause significant damage to an ESXi VM network. It is important to be aware of the risks and take steps to protect against this type of threat.

It’s important for ESXi VM users to stay vigilant and up to date with the latest security protocols and news. By understanding the tactics of these cyber brigands, you can stay one step ahead and protect your data. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only malware leveraging availability-as-a-service tactics, and more threats are likely to come.

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