Cybersecurity Advice From Bpifrance

Cybersecurity Advice From Bpifrance
Cybersecurity Advice From Bpifrance

Alright buddies, if you’ve stopped to this article, you may be hunting for “cybersecurity advice from bpifrance.” Consider you have found the information you are looking for because I won’t disappoint you. I am going to give you all the details about bpifrance’s advice on cybersecurity. Let’s start – 

As per the CESIN report, around 50% of French organizations will have faced at least one cybersecurity attack in 2021. And according to a 2020 report, more than 50% of French organizations were worried about their capability to face cyber security attacks. 

Keeping all these things in mind, bpifrance has decided to make people aware of cyber security’s importance. Besides, it also wishes to give the best tools to organizations that aid them in preparing for such attacks. This motto of bpifrance follows the national cyber security strategy introduced by the French government.

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Bpifrances’s solutions to protect from cyber-attacks. 

This financial institution has successfully created a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs. It has played a crucial role in supporting companies and developing strong cyber security. It has designed various programs, some of which are – 

  • Autodiag Cybersecurite bpifrance” = it’s a platform that aids companies in inspecting their maturity in cyber security. 
  • It also offers a 10-day consulting module where it evaluates the organization’s situation. Besides, it also creates a security plan and spreads awareness among the employees. 
  • It has created a tailor-made program that also includes audit and risk analysis. This program assists the companies in implementing the security plan with the help of cyber security professionals. 

These are three main steps that bpifrance has taken to help organizations to protect themselves from cyber-crimes. 

For help from bpifrance, you can contact them by visiting their official website and clicking on the “contact us” option at the screen’s top right section. 

Besides you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Linkedin to stay updated with the information they provide. 

Wanna know more ways to prevent cyber-attacks? You can visit, It’s a platform created by the French government that provides simple and budget-friendly advice which can help you protect yourself from cyber-criminals. 

End Note – 

So this is all about “cybersecurity advice from bpifrance.” For taking advice, you need to take part in any of its programs. Cyber security is an essential thing because, nowadays, almost everything has come online.

So you should start focusing on it; otherwise, the chances of you encountering cyber attacks will increase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is cybersecurity?

    It’s the practice of protecting your data from any kind of cyber-attack by following different measures. 

  2. What is bpifrance?

    It’s a financial institution owned by the French state and CDC. 

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