De Ferias Com Ex Salseiro: Complete Information!

De Ferias Com Ex Salseiro

De Férias Com Ex Salseiro, meeting the player of the Vacation with the Ex MTV, has eventually launched the reputable, solid listing for On Vacation With Ex Celebs if you want to feature Maria Venture and different celebrities.

The current series of On Vacation With De Férias Com Ex Salseiro VIP” is coming and could have ten participants. This season, the make-out fact display will characteristic celebrities like YouTuber Maria Venture, bonding on a paradisiacal shoreline when they meet an ex-overwhelm again.

In this article, we will learn about her, who currently has over 6 million subscribers on YouTube and over 6 million Instagram fans.

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Facts considering Maria

Maria Venture, or barely Maria Venture, swerved out to be born in 2000 in Sao Paulo. She is the author of the YouTube channel that bears her name, wherein she has been posting movies in vlog layout since 2015, speaking approximately about topics from the teens’ universe.

She started her creative career at age 7 when she took her first steps in an auditorium business in her hometown, Caraguatatuba. At the age of 15, she created her YouTube page, which was inspired by a connection invitation tape she obtained. She now works as an actress in addition to being a YouTuber.

Maria Venture Career Information

Gregory, a retired YouTuber, owns the measurement concrete plant. It has already documented films with YouTubers like Russo, and Camila Mari, besides earning unforgettable impressions on “Who Will Be the Next Successful Youtuber?”

Off-screen, the content material manufacturer travels through Brazil with her play. Nobody is familiar with me. The play brings numerous testimonies and reviews lived through the protagonist through textual content and a path through Marco Zenni.

A display that talks to young adults approximately the standard conflicts that everybody is going through or has long gone through at this level of life.

Maria Julia Before the fame

To the Toda Teen portal, Maria stated that she created her channel to submit the primary video (which turned into the relationship request) and did now no longer intend to submit something else. Nonetheless, the petition went viral on the net, and the tunnel obtained numerous subscribers.

Incidentally, this introductory video yielded 5,000,000 views, definitively awakening the flavour of the profession.

Due to her talent, fashion, and charisma, Maria Venture has been status out nationally and internationally, retaining expressive numbers, with more than 12 million fans on her social networks.

Disagreements affecting Maria

Maria Venture published movies in her testimonies feeding her python snake, and the talk turned immediate. Indeed, she became criticized and misplaced 40k fans because she began displaying her pet.

Another controversy turned associated with the absence of use of seat belts. In this way, the influencer Maria Venture used her social networks to expose that she had an accident and that she now no longer carrying her belt at the time.


  1. Who is Maria Julia’s venture?

    She is a well-known celebrity.

  2. Why De Férias Com Ex Salseiro is trending?

    Because she became visible through the media on her holiday with an Ex – MTV player.

  3. When turned into Maria born?

    Maria turned into one in 2000.

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