Deadly Sins Retribution Trello, Tier List, Codes, Wiki & Best Magic!

Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms with a wide variety of games to keep you engaged for hours. There are games for people of all ages, and one such game that has gained immense love from players is “deadly sins retribution.” It is an RPG anime game that has fights, magic, sins, and much more. Unfortunately, it is hard for players to stay updated, so the Deadly Sins Retribution Trello is introduced, which gives information on new features, magic, and all.

Deadly Sins Retribution Trello
Deadly Sins Retribution Trello

The main aim of introducing Trello is to help players learn more about the game. Till today no retribution wiki can help players, so developers introduced Trello. The game also masters players on various sins, as the name of the game itself suggests. So, let’s check more about deadly sins retribution.

What does the deadly sins retribution tier list contain? 

The deadly game sins retribution comes with different races, and every one of them has its demons, gameplay, and much more. So, it is very important to select it smartly, but the question is which Race to select. Below is the list of the races along with their skills that make an easy selection:

Human: It is quite common and offers magical defense capability. This Race also has regeneration mana skills.

Fairy: The wings in this Race can boost the magic power of players. It also increases the power of magical damage.

Vampire: Players in this Race have the skill to regenerate their health, which means they get more options to survive against attack.

Goddess: The energy in this Race makes your attack more powerful and boosts the magic powers. It is one of the best races of all.

Demon: It allows players to fly at a high level and also boosts the damage capability.

Deity: Self-healing skill along with AoE power helps players sustain the game longer.

Curse: It heals the damage quickly and gives more time to fight against enemies.

What are deadly sins retribution codes?

Every game has some freebies that make the game more exciting, and so there is a list of codes that help to get free stuff. Players looking out for these codes on different sites must check out Trello to get a list of these codes. Every code that helps get free stuff comes with validation, so it is a must to be used within it.

The codes described in Trello are tested and are legit to use. It is very important to enter the code as it is; else, the result is not obtained. Trello developers try hard to have updated code that helps players to get free spins, increase power, weapons, and much more. It also has a list of expired codes, so if you use any code, check out Trello to stay updated. Some of the updated codes are:

  • fabdelay – It gives out 20 spins at the time of redemption
  • fabfix1 – Get 10 spins that include all types along with double XP of 200 seconds
  • anotherbugfix – Gives out 10 spins from each type

These are some codes, but much more help get spins or power for free. So, check out Trello as there is no particular time when the code gets updated, so you need to check it frequently.

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Which are the best magic deadly sins?

The game is all about the magic that makes it more fascinating and engaging. These magics give the power and ability to fight against enemies and make survival easy. There are different types of magical powers that have their own significance, which is obtained by using magic spins. So, if you too want to know about magic powers along with their functionality, check out below:

  • Earth(D): It helps fight against demons and protects against physical damage. There are 60% chances to get it through magic spins.
  • Frostbite(C): It has a 13% chance as it is situational magic which also has a downside. It makes players immune to damage that enemies cause.
  • Blaze(B): With 9.99%, it is also called support magic. If used alone, there is no power, but when accompanied by other magic, it becomes quite powerful.
  • Wind(A): It weakens the enemies and can cause damage to your opponents. It has a 3% chance and is considered best for 1st and 3rd move.
  • Darkness, Lightning(S): Both the magics have a 2% chance of being obtained by spins. Lightening can destroy multiple enemies and also boost your abilities to make you strong. The Darkness works as healing to players.
  • Sunshine(ss): With just a 0.01% chance of getting it, sunshine is considered the best magic. The enemies within your range can be defeated and make players immune.
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Is the deadly sins retribution script available for all?

Yes, the script is developed by Septex and is available for players to download and tweak to fight against other players. Some of the features of the script are insta kill, Add stat, Auto Farm, and many more. The script can be executed just like any other Roblox script.

Why deadly sins retribution Trello is helpful?

Trello is a tool that Roblox developers introduce to impart information and useful information. It has information regarding script, codes, magic, and much more to help players make a game in their favor. New features and updates are also described in Trello for players.

How do deadly sins retribution codes?

If you have the free codes while playing the game, it’s time to redeem them. So, first, launch the game and click on customize -> Race & magic. Then, enter the code without any mistakes and click enter to get the freebies.


So, if you too love playing deadly sins retribution, all the above information is quite helpful and makes the game more enjoyable. Check out Trello to learn more about codes and other new features to make it more exciting. The selection race and magic spins add spice to the game and keep players engaged for a long time.

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