Decathlon Technology Beefs Up Its Response To Cybersecurity 2023

Decathlon Technology Beefs Up Its Response To Cybersecurity

Decathlon Technology Beefs Up Its Response To Cybersecurity: Cyberattacks are quite common in the digital world, and many businesses have suffered through them. But Decathlon has some other plans as, according to them, their employee must fight against any such security attack.

Any mistake can cause the entire company due to cyber-attacks, so Decathlon has come up with a great initiative to fight against it. The decathlon technology beefs up its response to cybersecurity, creating headlines worldwide. So, let’s check more on the same.

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Why did Decathlon need to be aware employees of cybersecurity?

A cyberattack can harm a company and can shake it off to the core. In most companies, it is believed that cybersecurity is the duty of the particular department and not all. But according to Decathlon, all employees have to deal with cyber security.

They consider it everyone’s responsibility, so they train their employees regarding the same.

Cyberattack is a significant issue that affects the company at every stage. So, instead of sole responsibility, everyone should share it. Campaigns, interviews, and videos are conducted regularly, along with the campaign website, to help employees.

This stuff is not only helpful for Decathlon employees but also for other people to deal with cyber-attacks.

How decathlon technology beefs up its response to cybersecurity?

Decathlon technology has received many recognitions, and companies worldwide are trying to follow in their footsteps. It’s not easy, but they have started working on it and created awareness among their employees worldwide. So, let’s look at how they are working on it:

  • They first worked to create awareness among employees and give basic knowledge through the campaign. Frequent campaigns are organized that will guide on basics and the ways to protect from cyberattacks.
  • Not only boring campaigns, but Decathlon has come up with a humour campaign that is off-beat and effective. It helps to grab employees’ attention and make it work.
  • They conduct interviews with the security team and roll out those videos to other employees to guide them.
  • It was not limited to Decathlon introducing the campaign website, which has all the campaigns. They use social media, posters, banners, newsletters and many other ways to create employee awareness.
  • Employees are free to ask live questions to the security team and resolve their issues immediately. It helps to bring immediate solutions and keep everything safe.


  1. Is the Decathlon campaign website helpful?

    Yes, the campaign website is beneficial and gets many visitors. The videos also get good views and also has content in 10 languages. There is specific content for Spain and China.

  2. How is Decathlon creating awareness?

    Decathlon conducts campaigns, interviews, live sessions, and videos that help employees to create awareness among their employees. They also post videos and include them even in their newsletters. 


Decathlon technology is not only helping their company but also many other such companies. This practice creates awareness among employees and gives them good knowledge on dealing with the attacks.

So, all companies must try out and practice this for their employees.

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