Did Joyce Dahmer Kill Herself? Latest Updated News

Did Joyce Dahmer Kill Herself

As the Netflix series “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is becoming more popular day by day, people are pondering the lives of various characters in the series. But in this article, we will only discuss “did Joyce Dahmer kill herself or not” and some other things regarding her. So let’s get started with our this article’s topic –

Who was Joyce Dahmer?

Joyce Dahmer was Jeffrey’s mother, who had completed her master’s in counseling. 

She married Lionel Herbert Dahmer in 1959 as per the shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer. She became pregnant just after her marriage and suffered from many complications during her pregnancy. 

Lionel has also written about her pregnancy issues in his book “A father’s story“. She took injections of phenobarbital and morphine due to muscle tightness. Till then, he was worried that these shots could affect Dahmer’s behaviour a lot. In his book, he also told that she was also treated with postpartum psychosis. 

 According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Reports, she always blamed her for her son’s condition even after psychiatrists told her she wasn’t. 

In 1978, Lionel and Joyce divorced, and after the custody case, she was given custody of both her sons – David and Jeffrey.

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Did Joyce Dahmer kill herself?

The answer is no; she died due to breast cancer in 2000. After watching the series, many questions might be hitting your mind, like did Jeffrey kill Joyce, was she suicidal, etc. But the fact is that she died because of cancer only, and till then, She worked as a case manager. 

Joyce’s contact with Jeffrey

Jeffrey was arrested in 1992 and charged with a lot of crimes. Initially, he was charged with 15 murders but later on, he admitted that he had also killed two more. 

But his crimes didn’t stop Joyce from contacting him. According to the Journal Sentinel, she was in contact with Jeffrey after his imprisonment. She even asked him if he still had any of those urges. And he said yes, even though he was afraid of what he could have done if he wasn’t arrested. He told Joyce that he was glad that he was arrested. 

She decided to move to David, who changed his name and shifted to another city after Jeffrey was charged with murders and other crimes. Though it didn’t work, so she shifted to California. 

Victim of a compulsion, an obsession. 

This is what Joyce called Jeffrey. She also said that she was blamed for his actions. So in reply to this blame, she said,”I know that I’ve done great as a parent.

According to her, Jeffrey was in dire need of help and could be helped by therapy. She also believed that society would benefit from her son’s case. She said that Jeffrey isn’t a monster; he is just a Homosapien who needs some help. 

She was guilty of his son’s actions. 

Lionel and Joyce fight over Jeffrey Dahmer’s brain

Jeffrey’s body was cremated, but his brain wasn’t. It was preserved in formaldehyde. His parents fought over what to do with his remains after he was killed. Joyce wanted medical experts to inspect his brain and find if any biological factors led to his criminal mindset or not. But Lionel wanted to cremate his brain because Jeffrey requested so. In 1995, the judge ordered that the brain be cremated. 

Final thoughts

I hope that now you’re clear about did Joyce Dahmer kill herself or not. I’ve mentioned many other details about her, but if you want to ask anything else, the comment section is for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What happened Joyce Dahmer?

    She died in November 2000 because of breast cancer, and till then, she has been working as a case manager.

  2. Where is Jeffrey dahmer’s father now?

    He lives in Ohio with his second wife.

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