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Ever wonder who has been responsible for some of your favorite music that has been released through VK? Look no further! Discover the story of Melody Tyden and the impact she has had on the music streaming platform. With her talent and enthusiasm, Melody has made a huge splash in the music industry and continues to get both recognition and success. Find out what makes her one of VK’s biggest stars.
Discover Melody Tyden's Impact on VK

Melody Tyden VK is a multi-genre music artist, combining the sounds of crossover, hip-hop, indie, and swing rap. Born in Australia, Tyden VK has been crafting her sound since 2012 and is now one of the most dynamic and diverse emerging artists of her generation.

Her unique sound has already earned her accolades from Boiler Room and major endorsement from the likes of Red Bull and Volkswagen. Tyden VK gained even more attention in 2019 when she released her album It Figures. The album pushes her unique sounds even further with production by not just Tyden VK but Jellow World and Tommy Stokes.

  • The album features a range of moods from melancholic to upbeat, but most noticeably the production dives deep into the pockets of jazzy hip-hop.
  • Tyden VK’s inventive sound has earned her millions of streams and a steady march up music charts.
  • Her collaboration with German duo Sporty-O is a stand-out track on the album, bringing her signature sound to a dance-able beat.

Melody Tyden’s impact on VK is remarkable and inspiring. She reminds us of the power of writing and communication in making a difference in the world, and is a great role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you are inspired by her journey, message her on VK to chat and learn from her experience.

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