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Hey there, Talkgeria fanatics, you’re in for a treat! Are you ready to find out what’s new on We’ve got some exciting new features and content that are sure to enhance your Talkgeria experience. So, let’s dive in and discover what’s new on!
Discover What's New on! The All-In-One Communication Platform is a communication platform that caters for all your needs. It brings together a variety of services to provide users with one of the most comprehensive communication experiences today. These services include:

  • Text messaging – create message threads with private contacts or public groups.
  • Video/audio calling – hold conferences with multiple contacts.
  • Group meetings – set up a meeting with co-workers or friends.
  • Webinars – host a webinar and easily invite contacts to join.
  • File sharing – quickly and securely transfer files, from documents to music and videos.
  • Live streaming – broadcast events live for a global audience. also provides the option to completely customize the platform by adding custom colors and designs. You can also bring your own tools to the platform with the open API. With the mobile app, you can stay connected while on the move, so you never miss a beat. No matter how you communicate, has you covered.

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