Discovering Many a TikTok Trend: The NYT Guide

Are you a little bit lost when it comes to all the TikTok trends out there? Well, you’re in luck — we’ve got the perfect guide for you! The New York Times has put together a comprehensive guide to discovering all the TikTok trends, so you can hop right on board with the cool kids and get your TikTok on!

The TikTok world is buzzing with so many new trends every day! Right from challenges and dance trends, to something as silly as a new word, TikTok is definitely breaking the internet. Here are a few of the current TikTok trends that have been taking the internet by storm!

  • Say So: Doja Cat’s hit song is currently a huge trend on the app with many users lipsyncing along the catchy beats. The classic song has been given a whole new spin with its various sound challenges, choreography challenges and DIY remake challenges.
  • Vibe Check: The hashtag #vibecheck has been going viral on the app, with users dubbing themselves in a video or making funny skits that narrate the experience of taking a ‘vibe check’.
  • Toodles: The most widely accepted and used goodbye of TikTok trends. It’s just plain old simple and fun. At times it’s used in is combination with ‘say so’, wherein users say ‘toodles’ with the ‘say so’ dance in the background.
  • Pass The Phone: This game is pretty much like passing notes and is a team activity that is said to be a lot of fun. ‘Pass the phone’ is an ongoing act with one person passing it to the other and talking about their personal struggles, insecurities, secrets. and other funny secrets.

These trends are highly entertaining and are definitely helping people lighten up their days and putting a smile on their faces. So get on TikTok and join the bandwagon of trenders who are taking over the internet with each one of the above trends! As TikTok trends continue to evolve and change rapidly, take extra time to discover the newest trends on your own. Who knows, maybe in just a few months you will be the trendmaker on TikTok, with your own guide in the New York Times!
Discovering Many a TikTok Trend: The NYT Guide

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