Does Suga Have Siblings?

You may be wondering if the popular South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer Suga (born Min Yoon-gi) has any brothers or sisters. Well, the short answer is: yes! This article will provide an overview of Suga’s siblings and their roles in his life. Keep reading to learn more!
Does Suga Have Siblings?

Yes, Yoongi has siblings. The South Korean rapper, musician, and record producer has an older brother, who goes by the name of Kwon Hyuk Jun.

Aside from his brother, Yoongi also has another sibling. It’s his brother, Park Hyo Joon, who is a doctor. They are very close to one another and Yoongi has mentioned his two brothers several times through music. His brotherly relationship has also been talked about through interviews.

  • Kwon Hyuk Jun (윤기의 형)
  • Park Hyo Joon (윤기의 오빠)

So that wraps up our look at Suga’s family members. While Suga’s more famous for his incredible rap career, it’s clear that his family is still very important to him and he loves them dearly. We hope this article gave you a better insight into the members of Suga’s family!

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