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Recent reports have it that Don Wormley, a long-time veteran of MSNBC, is shaking things up at the network. Wormley, a well-known figure in the news business, has been making his mark by introducing new faces, fresh ideas, and innovative content to the MSNBC lineup. In this article, we take a look at the changes that he has made and the implications for the network.
Don Wormley is Changing MSNBC

  • Don Wormley, MSNBC Contributor

Don Wormley is an MSNBC Contributor and political journalist based in Washington D.C. He offers opinion pieces and analysis across MSNBC programs, reaching across the globe to offer unique and perceptive perspectives on world news.

On the state of international affairs, Don Wormley is an unflinching advocate for human rights and against global corruption and abuse of power. He supports it on his Twitter account, often tweeting to urge action on current issues of national and international importance. During the Biden/Harris transition and their newly-inaugurated presidency, Wormley has been an advocate for progressive policies like social justice and climate change action.

His time in political journalism spans decades, having been on the Hill with decades of congresses and news organizations. He is a trusted source and adviser among politicians and media sources in the Beltway, and is considered one of the pre-eminent thought-leaders on policy and politics.

Overall, Don Wormley has had an impressive career transforming the way MSNBC broadcasts their shows. With his personable style and attention to detail, there’s no doubt that MSNBC is in great hands going forward. Thanks for reading!

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