Eleanor Oliphant: The Completely Fine Woman

It seems we’ve all read the book or seen the movie recently – “Eleanor Oliphant: The Completely Fine Woman”. This feel-good story portrays the journey of an unconventional woman — Eleanor Oliphant — who battles her past, learns to find joy in life, and finally finds love. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into Eleanor’s moving story and delve into the ways it could potentially have a positive impact on society. But first, let’s learn a little about our protagonist.
Eleanor Oliphant: The Completely Fine Woman

If you have not heard or read Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine yet, you should – it’s a heartwarming story of a socially awkward woman in the modern era. The novel follows Eleanor as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

The book is written in a vivd voice, and follows Eleanor as she encounters both major turning points and trivial everyday events of life. As mentioned, Eleanor is socially awkward, and readers can follow her through understanding the struggles of social interaction and how she eventually learns to navigate her way through. At the same time her growth could be considered surprisingly uplifting, as readers cannot help to be slightly inspired by her courage and resolve.

  • Author: Gail Honeyman
  • Date of Publication: 2017
  • Genre: Fiction

Eleanor Oliphant has gone through hell and back, and the courage and resilience she displays offer hope for many people who have faced similar struggles. Her tale is one of survival and growth, of recovery and becoming a “completely fine woman”. We can always take inspiration from her example of bravery and grace.

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