Eno Farihah Crime Scene Photos Reddit 2022: All Updated News!

Eno Farihah Crime Scene Photos Reddit

Eno Farihah is a 19-year-vintage teenager and a plastic manufacturing unit worker in Kosambi, Tangerang District. After being gang-raped by three men at her boarding house, the unfortunate woman became a murderer. She changed into determined lifeless with the investigator’s assistance, and the Investigators Took Eno Farihah Crime Scene Photos Reddit for Investigation.

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The Personal Overview Of Eno

Matchmaking and organized marriages are not unusual places in Indonesia, particularly for their lifestyle and religion. As a dutiful daughter, Enno agreed to her dad’s and mom’s wishes.

They handiest desired what changed into first-class for her, after all. Enno got a degree from the Indonesia University of Education and then became an employee in the Ployta Global Mandiri manufacturing unit.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend changed into a pupil at a neighboring junior excessive college, and their dating became no longer known with the aid of her dad and mom.

The Marriage Preparation

Having heard the information that she changed into inclined to head beforehand with the organized marriage, RA pleaded to have one closing assembly to kiss and hug her goodbye.

And then he started out undressing her, with the purpose of intercourse.

Even though he needs to have predicted that he is probably rejected, thinking that he did ask her, RA took her solution poorly and stormed out of the dormitory, leaving his lady friend alone.

The Culprits

He had walked out into the roads among the female-handiest and the male-handiest dormitories.

At 12.30 am, as he puffed up via cigarettes, he altered into approached with the aid of

Arifin bin Hartono, 24 y/o, Will be mentioned as an Imam Supriadi, 24 y/o. Both guys had been citizens of the male-handiest dormitory. Before that night, RA had never met either of the 2 guys; however, the trio got on well.

Imam Did Realize Or Not

At first, RH and Imam did not realize that RA had changed into relating to Enno while the latter pointed out his lady friend.

They joked around with him and advocated for him to carry them to her room so they might see who the thriller ladyfriend had changed for themselves.

Additionally, a dialogue sparked among the 3 guys wherein RA confided in them about the matchmaking fiasco and how Enno rejected him.

Statement of Rapist’s

The communique escalated to the factor that the 2 manufacturing unit people commenced to admonish him:

Rape her! There’s no way that she’ll be your lady friend withinside destiny anyways.

The dormitory gates opened from the inside and had been left unlocked. Enno’s door changed into left ajar too, in all likelihood reassured with the aid of using the promised protection of her residency.


  1. QUES. Who changed into Eno Farihah?

    Ans. She changed into a woman operating in a plastic manufacturing unit.

  2. Ques. How did she die?

    Ans. She died due to the brutal Rape using the opposite three people of the Plastic Factory.

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