Exploring Life Aboard a Tea Clipper Greenwich

Ahoy there, sailors! Have you ever wondered what life is like aboard a tea clipper? Come along with us as we explore the unique experiences of the crew living and working on a 19th century tea clipper while docked in Greenwich! We’ll take a closer look at the interesting life these sailors have, from the unique daily activities to the harsh obstacles they must face.

Tea Clipper Greenwich is a unique café set in a historic boathouse in London. With rustic timber furnishings, plenty of natural light and a picturesque Thames view, it’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The menu is an appealing mix of wholesome snacks, light lunches and plenty of excellent teas. Don’t miss their signature dishes – the boiled egg on chargrilled sourdough toast gets thumbs up all round! The drinks menu is carefully put together and features a few creative twists on classic iced teas and coffees.

  • Organic and free-range produce
  • Gluten-free options
  • Freshly-made cakes and pastries
  • Weekly rotating specials

The café has something for everyone, from vegans and vegetarians to those who prefer traditional English fare. They make sure to use organic and free-range produce whenever possible, and always have plenty of gluten-free items on the menu. The tea selection is superb and their freshly-baked cakes and indulgent pastries are always a hit. Stop by and don’t forget to check out their weekly rotating specials!

Exploring life aboard a tea clipper in Greenwich is a truly fascinating journey back in time to the golden age of sail. Whether admiring the ship’s sleek design or strolling along the waterfront, it’s no wonder why everyone from seasoned sailors to casual visitors are drawn to these vintage vessels. Spend a day aboard a tea clipper in Greenwich and let the history of the world’s most famous seafaring vessels take your breath away.

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