Exploring the NYT Connections Archive

Are you looking to explore the history of The New York Times? Look no further than the NYT Connection Archive, a searchable database offering an exciting insight into the newspaper’s past. Dive into the archives and take a journey through history right into present times.
Exploring the NYT Connection Archive

The NYT Connections Archive is a valuable resource for looking at past news articles or other articles published in the New York Times (NYT). It contains the full-text of over 25 million NYT articles, from 1851 to 2018.

This archive is easily searchable through a simple text search or by keyword. It also offers a great way to compare topics – so users can see how the same event is depicted by different NYT writers throughout time. The archives also contain helpful features such as citations and suggested links to related topics.

  • Browse 25 million NYT articles
  • Simple text search or keyword search
  • Citations and suggested links to related topics

Exploring the NYT Connection Archive has been a window into a past era in American history. This database offers an interactive view of the cultural climate of the 1960s and 1970s. Seeing the exchanges between colorful personalities provides a unique viewpoint of this period in time. Whether you’re a historian or simply curious about this era, the NYT Connection Archive offers a unique experience like no other.

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