Filter Fads: What’s Trending in Korea?

Are you looking to stay in-the-know on the latest fashion trends in Korea? Well, you’re in luck! This article is the perfect guide to give you an overview of what’s trending in Korea. Get ready to learn all you need to know about the new filter fads that are taking the glamorous Korean fashion world by storm!
Filter Fads: What's Trending in Korea?

The Korean filter trend has really taken over Instagram recently and although it has been around for some time, it just keeps getting more creative. It embraces a range of creative techniques and style, as well as various animation tools to capture the perfect selfies.

With its help, one can effectively bring and add a lot of playfulness, beauty, and fun to photos. It is also extremely versatile, allowing you to apply it on any kind of post, from posts featuring nature and animals to selfies or those featuring your friends and family. Some of the common features of this filter include:

  • Soft-focus effect
  • Overlaid pastel colors
  • Embedded colorful gradients
  • Shiny moon icons
  • Funny animal noses or glittery hearts
  • Glossy stars
  • Custom 3D-animation

The trending Korean filter is becoming increasingly popular and looks the best when combined with other creative post effects. By adding extra-positive vibes to any post, it allows one’s content to stand out from other user’s posts on social media.

No matter what the trend or the current filter fad maybe, understanding what’s popular in Korea right now can be a great way to explore and learn more about Korean culture. With so much to explore and discover, it’s certainly an exciting and fascinating time in the filter-filled world of South Korea.

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