Frandroid Codes Netflix: All About The Netflix!

Frandroid Codes Netflix

Looking for frandroid codes netflix? You visited the right place; this is the article that will help you to know how you can get the best out of your Netflix subscription.

Netflix is a platform that allows us to view a lot of visual content. If you are fond of using it, you might think that you are at a stage where you’ve watched everything on the platform. There is nothing else for you on the platform but this isn’t true. 

The netflix’s menu isn’t that great so you are missing a lot. Wanna know how you can explore it fully? 

There are a bunch of secret codes that will help you navigate the content of that particular field. With them, you can access the respective category on the platform easily. 

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How can these codes help you find the relevant category? 

  • Select a niche you would like to watch the content of. 
  • Fill in the respective code in the search bar

That’s all, after this you’ll be shown the respective categories content. 

Some of the codes are –

Adult animation11881
Animal tales5507
Anime sci-fi2729
Anime action2653
Anime comedies9302
Anime dramas 452
Anime fantasy11146
Anime features3063
Anime horror10695
Anime series6721
Children and family movies783
Animal tales5507
Education for kids10659
Family features51056
Kids music52843
Kids TV27346
Movies based on children’s books10056
Movies for ages 0 to 26796
Movies for ages 11 to 126862
Movies for ages 2 to 46218
Movies for ages 5 to 75455
Movies for ages 8 to 10561
TV cartoons 11177
Classic Movies31574
Classic SF and fantasy47147
Classic Tv shows46553
Classic action and adventure46576
Classic comedies31694
Classic dramas29809
Classic musical comedy32392
Classic romantic movies31273
Classic thrillers46588
Classic war movies48744
classic westerns47465
Film noir7687
Silent movies53310
Anime comedies9302
Dark comedies869
Foreign comedies4426
Horror comedies89585
Late night comedies1402
Musicals comedies13335
Political comedies2700
Romantic comedies5475
Screwball comedies9702
Slapstick comedies10256
Sports comedies5286
Stand-up comedies11559
Teen comedies3519
Biographical documentaries3652
Crime documentaries9875
Foreign documentaries5161
Military documentaries4006
Music and concert documentaries90361
Political documentaries7018
Religious documentaries10005
Science and navature documentaries2595
Social and cultural documentaries3675
Spirituality documentaries2760
Sports documentaries180
Travel and adventure documentaries1159
Historical documentaries5349
Army dramas11
Biographical dramas3179
Crime dramas6889
Dramas based in books4691
Dramas based on real life3653
LGBT dramas500
Political dramas6616
Romantical dramas1255
Showbiz dramas5012
Social issues dramas3947
Horror Movies8711
Cult horror movies10944
Deep sea horror movies45028
Foreign horror movies8654
Horror comedy89585
Monster movies947
Satanic stories6998
Slasher and serial killer movies8648
Teen screams52147
Vampire horror movies75804
Werewolf horror movies75930
Zombie horror movies75405
Supernatural horror movies42023

These are frandroid netflix codes of some categories. If you wanna know about a category that I’ve not mentioned, you can ask me in the comment section. 

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