Get to Know the ESTJ Personality: Traits and Behaviors

Are you interested in learning what makes an ESTJ personality tick? This type of personality is quite literally the life of the party. It’s the most extroverted of all the personality types, and its traits and behaviors can be quite fascinating to learn about. Continue reading to get a deeper understanding of the unique traits and behavior of the ESTJ personality.
Get to Know the ESTJ Personality: Traits and Behaviors
ESTJ Personality Traits

People possessing ESTJ personality traits take charge of situations by planning and organizing activities while remaining focused on traditional values. They tend to be reliable, straightforward, logical, and traditional. ESTJs are often curious, highly motivated to succeed, and thrive when presented an opportunity to lead.

Some other ESTJ traits include:

  • Good will-power
  • Strong sense of duty
  • Ability to take charge
  • Organized
  • Strong communication skills
  • Harmony-seekers

The positive aspects of ESTJ traits include being able to take initiative and complete tasks efficiently. They make great politicians, business executives, and company directors. ESTJs are also great problem solvers and enjoy devising efficient solutions to problems. However, ESTJs can become overly critical of others and can have trouble seeing different points of view.

That’s all for our overview of the ESTJ personality. Hopefully we provided some insights to help you understand the most typical traits and behaviors associated with this personality type. Now it’s up to you to start building relationships with ESTJ types and experience all the great things they have to offer.

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