Get to Know the Wallace Siblings: Names & Spirits

If you love getting to know new people, then you’re in luck! In this article, let’s take a quick tour into the fabulous lives of the Wallace siblings. From their names to their spirits, you’re sure to leave learning a ton about them. Without any further ado, let’s dive into some sibling fun with the Wallaces!
Get to Know the Wallace Siblings: Names & Spirits

The Wallace siblings include William, Frances, and James—all three of whom have a fondness for the supernatural. William is a born-and-raised psychic who specializes in astral projection and dream walking. Frances has the ability to commune with spirits through mediumship and divination, and James is a mastery of all things occult, such as psychic protection and ghost-taming.

Each Wallace sibling is blessed with powerful gifts to handle situations involving spirits and the supernatural. It also helps that they come from a long line of psychics, so they all understand the importance of keeping a level head when dealing with such matters. These are some of the activities they do:

  • William: Can project his astral self into a spirit plane and other dimensions.
  • Frances: Connects with souls on the “other side” in order to help them find peace.
  • James: Combines powerful spells with spiritual rituals to protect people from dark forces.

Not only that, these siblings know how to put each other in their place so disagreements never get out of hand. The Wallace siblings prove that “family can still be a source of strength even during supernatural challenges.”

Well, now that you’ve met the Wallace siblings, hopefully you feel that you know each one of them a bit better. Whether you love their strong spirits or personalities, there’s no denying that the Wallace siblings make a great team. Until next time, be sure to keep an eye out for the dynamic trio!

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