Getting to Know Burna Boy’s Siblings

Burna Boy is one of Africa’s hottest musical talents, having taken the Hip- Hop world by storm with his innovative sound. But many may not know that the artist comes from a family of hugely talented stars in their own right. In this article, we’ll be getting to know Burna Boy’s three musically gifted siblings, and exploring how they are making waves in their own respective fields. So, buckle up – this is gonna be an interesting ride!
Getting to Know Burna Boy's Siblings
Burna Boy is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and rapper and the king of Afrofusion. He is well-known for his unique sound and energetic live performances.

Burna Boy’s music career has seen him rise to international stardom and gain a great personal wealth. Besides his stellar music career, many fans and followers of Burna Boy are keen to know more about his family. So, readers, here’s a quick look at Burna Boy’s siblings:

  • Toni J 2letterz: Taiwanese born, Nigerian raised. Toni is the oldest among the siblings and an aspiring vocalist. He is signed to Spaceship Entertainment and even supported Burna Boy’s worldwide tour in 2019.
  • Rettson: The second oldest, Retson is an upcoming artiste, songwriter and a club DJ.
  • Runari: Runari is the first daughter among the siblings and Burna Boy’s biggest supporter. She stands by him at all his international events and supports him in every way.
  • Ahneeka: Ahneeka is the youngest sibling. She is still schooling and she is described as very creative.

Burna Boy is often spotted hanging out with all of his siblings, and they appear to have a great bond. If you want to know more about his family, make sure to follow the siblings on their Instagram account. They are all active on social media and post regularly.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know more about Burna Boy’s siblings. They’re all incredibly inspiring individuals who are steadily making their own marks in the music and entertainment industries. Clearly, the talent within the family runs deep!

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