Getting to Know Steve Aoki’s Siblings

If you’re a fan of Steve Aoki, you’re probably already familiar with him and his music. But, what about his siblings? Steve has four siblings – two older and two younger – each with their own impressive achievements. In this article, you’ll learn more about who Steve’s siblings are and what they’re up to. Get ready for some incredible stories!
Getting to Know Steve Aoki's Siblings
Steve Aoki Siblings

As the youngest of five in the Aoki household, Steve has four siblings. All of them have made their mark in the entertainment world, whether through music or fashion.

  • Keenan Aoki is an accomplished photographer based in Los Angeles who regularly contributes to print and online magazines.
  • Dillon Aoki is an actor and former model who has appeared in several films and TV shows.
  • Devon Aoki is an actress, model, and Brand Ambassador for Versace and is considered one of the first ever-Asian Supermodels.
  • Kevin Aoki is a restaurateur and entrepreneur who owns the prominent Seattle-based restaurant, Din Tai Fung.

Steve is a proud brother and an even prouder son of Rocky and Chizuru Aoki, both first-generation immigrants with a strong work ethic and deep appreciation for their culture and heritage. Although the Aoki children are now famous performers and entrepreneurs, Steve often remembers his core beliefs and philosophies that have been instilled in him since he was a child. As he once said, “We’ve been brought up in a way that money isn’t everything to our family. It’s about respect for one another.”

We hope this article has given you an interesting insight into the life of Steve Aoki and his siblings! It’s fascinating to discover how each sibling is contributing to Steve’s success in their own unique ways, and we hope their paths for the future continue to be as stellar as they have been!

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