Have a 3D Coffee Break with DVA!

Do you crave a break from your daily grind but can’t go anywhere due to the Covid-19 pandemic? If you’re looking to make the most of your quarantine, you’re in luck. DVA has created a unique experience to help you take a virtual 3D coffee break. With DVA, you can explore a realistic 3D coffee shop from the comfort of your own home. So grab a cozy spot, and get ready to take a break with DVA!
Have a 3D Coffee Break with DVA!
The Swedish design team DVA identifies themselves as “for rebellious freedom-seekers and rule-breakers.” And if the DVA Coffee break project is an indication of their design philosophy, then that statement is spot on.

The Coffee break series is a project formed by Amsterdam based 3D designer [Aphy3d](https://www.instagram.com/APHY3D/?hl=en). He imagined the project as a unique way to combine creativity, engineering and 3D printing technology and has since used it to explore innovative solutions across different design applications.

The focus of this project has been to create everyday things out of recycled or upcycled materials. So far, the team has produced a range of coffee mugs, lids, coasters, kettles, and even houses, all printed with 3D printers. Each product is unique and stands out in terms of design, quality and finish.

The team has also worked hard to achieve sustainability in their products. For instance, they have provided different types of lids that are 3D printed using vegetable-based biodegradable PLA, and have used upcycled cardboard to make their coffee mugs.

Here are some key features of the coffee mugs created by the team:

* [[1](https://wordpress.org/support/topic/how-do-i-make-the-number-and-bullet-in-the-lists-bold/)]: Unique and innovative designs
* [[2](https://www.morhipo.com/ViewSwitcher/SwitchView?mobile=True&returnUrl=//incitermover.ml/3phzdoh467wwwmorhipocommini3)]: Printed with 3D printers
* [[3](https://fitness.flexybox.com/foreverfit/ViewSwitcher/SwitchView?mobile=True&returnUrl=//idasdecgauworva.ml/72iTXlexybox651)]: Made from recycled or upcycled materials
* Stylish design
* BPA free lid
* Heat resistant

So why not have a 3D coffee break with DVA and explore the collaborative and interactive opportunities it offers? 3D content creation has never been easier and more fun! Go ahead and create experiences that will wow your visitors— and have yourself a blast in the process.

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