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Homecak.com Aws Big Data is in talks nowadays for many reasons. But most people don’t know much about it. That’s why I have come up with this article; I will explain some essential details about the topic, so please read till the end. 

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What is Big data? 

You can describe big data in terms of the data management challenges that arise because of the high volume, velocity, and variety of data. This management can’t be handled with traditional databases. That’s why big data technology was developed. 

 There are three v’s in the concept of big data. If you understand these, it will become easy for you to understand the actual concept of big data. These three v’s are – 

  • Volume (high amount of data that ranges to even petabytes). 
  • Variety (it consists of the various sources where the data is coming from). 
  • Velocity 

There are many companies which don’t know that they are going through the problem of big data.

The inefficiency of these companies leads to escalating costs, reduced productivity and competitiveness.

That’s why companies that use this technology have an advantage over those that don’t. They have reduced costs which ultimately helps them capitalize on other required things. 

How Does Big Data Work?

It uses tools to control the entire data management cycle. It collects, stores and analyzes the data to unveil new and valuable insights. 

Here’s its working process –


Gathering data is the first step. Although, many organizations face a lot of problems in this step itself. But big data platforms make it easy. It permits developers to ingest various data at any speed. 


Storing data is essential to process and analyse it. That’s why, after collecting data, big data technologies focus on storing it. 

⏩ A secure, scalable and durable depository is a must to store data. 

Process and Analyze

It is the third step, where the data is changed into a consumable format. This enhancement is done by various means like sorting, aggregating, joining and performing other required functions. 

Consume and visualize 

Big data technology is specially designed to get high-value and essential insights from data assets. The data is made available to people via self-service intelligence and data visualization tools. It helps in the fast exploration of the datasets. 

How has big data processing evolved?

It has evolved at a fast pace. A variety of analytic styles supports manifold features within a company. 

Descriptive Analytics

It helps people to understand what happened and why. 

Predictive Analytics 

It helps people to predict the chances of a given event. For instance – early alert systems, fraud detection, forecasting, etc. 

Prescriptive Analytics

It gives specific suggestions to the user. It primarily focuses on answering questions like “what should you do if “Xyz” happens?” 

Homecak.com Aws Big Data

AWS stands for amazon web services. It gives users a fully integrated portfolio of computing services, ultimately helping them build, secure and deploy their big data applications. With AWS, there is no need for infrastructure to maintain the data. You can concentrate your resources on unveiling valuable insights. 

You’ll always have the option to leverage new technologies without long-term investment commitments. 

Primary Features of AWS –

Immediate Availability

Most big data technologies need a lot of servers. With amazon web server, you can quickly employ the infrastructure you require. And this feature makes your team more efficient because, with this, it will be easier to try new stuff.

Broad and Deep Capabilities

Big data workloads have a variety. But broad and deep platforms like AWS can help you to build any big data application virtually. Besides, it is also best suited for supporting each type of workload irrespective of volume, velocity and variety. 

AWS has more than 50 services, and new features are frequently added to it. These features and services can help you collect, store, process, analyse, and visualise big data. 

Trusted and Secure

Big data is considered sensitive, so securing it is essential. Amazon web server has the ability to secure it. 

Hundreds of partners and solutions

A significant partner ecosystem helps a lot in bridging the skills gap. Aws provides a partner network you can visit to get help from consulting partners. If you wish to refrain from taking help from consulting partners, you can use the tools available. 

How can you learn about big data?

AWS offers many methods that help the user learn about the process of handling big data workloads in the cloud. It provides reference architectures, guides, in-person training, videos, and a lot more material to help you learn the process of building big data solutions. 

Starting guide

The “getting started guide” on AWS will tell you about –

  • How to begin and run a big data application?
  • Give you explanations of each step.
  • About the significance of each action you take. 


It contains a list of technical AWS whitepapers which cover a wide range of topics like security, architecture, etc. 

You can understand how to solve big data challenges by going through these whitepapers. 

Self-Paced labs

These labs will allow you to test products, hone your skills, acquire new skills, and gain practical experience working with AWS. In these labs, you’ll get step-by-step instructions that will help you in a lot of areas. 


Creating and handling a big data application on AWS is simple. AWS employees host monthly webinars to help users learn more about it. These AWS webinars will help you in the following ways –

  • Learning about the new features, services and solutions of the platform. 
  • Give questions and answers time that you can use to clear your doubts. 
  • Demonstrating the process of using AWS services and features. 

Besides these, a lot more material is available that will guide you about how to use the platform and take out the most from it. 

End Note

Using AWS big data can prove advantageous to you. Many companies which are using it have an advantage over those that don’t because it is giving them benefit in a lot of ways. Besides, using it is also simple.

And if you are naive, you don’t have to worry because many tutorials and study materials are available on different platforms that help users understand the platform. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is AWS used for big data?

    Yes, it is used for big data and is the first preference of many because of its services and features. 

  2. Which is better, AWS or big data?

    Both these are different units, so you can’t compare them. AWS is a platform used to access big data, whereas big data is a large volume of data. 

  3. What are the three types of big data?

    The three types of big data are – structured, unstructured and semi-structured data. 

  4. What are the analytics options on Amazon Web Server?

    Six big data analytics options available on the platform are –
    Amazon Kinesis, amazon emr, amazon glue, amazon machine learning, amazon redshift, and amazon quick sight. 

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