How I Make Money Without A Job

How I Make Money Without A Job

Is your job search operation taking too long? Or have you lost your job? Are you a person who wanna fetch some money without a job? If yes, you must do some freelancing tasks and make it a source of earning. There is a lot of work that you can get paid for. To get a list of those tasks, you should dive through this article attentively because I’ll explain “how i make money without a job” Let’s start – 

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Usability testing

Most organizations/business owners’ main motto is to provide their customers with an excellent experience via their applications and websites. And that’s why they hire usability testers. 

As a useability tester, you just need to test and give feedback about the platform. 

The money you can get from this work differs from site to site. 

Design and sell

Do you have the talent to design and promote your business? If so, you can design and sell your designed t-shirts or shirts

You can also make designs as per your client’s demand, and in this case, you can even charge higher than the usually designed products. 

But don’t forget, working in this field requires promoting the products. 

Note = you have to invest some money to get started, and then only you can earn money


Can you focus on a single thing and have some time to invest? If so, you can start working as a transcriber. 

Many people don’t rely on automated transcription platforms, and that’s why they hire a transcriber. 

But hold on, do you know what a transcriber needs to do? A transcriber notes down the script of any video/audio. 

For this work, you can explore freelancing platforms like people per hour, glassdoor, Fiverr, Linkedin, etc.


Do you like shopping? If yes, you can hunt for people who don’t have time and are ready to hire someone to do the shopping for them. 

Instacart and Favor are some of the platforms where you can find such opportunities. 

Note = your pay for shopping depends on various factors like what you’re purchasing, whether you’re just hired to give suggestions, etc. 

Pet Sitting

Do you love spending time with animals/birds (pets)? If you love it, you can reach out to people hiring for pet sitting. 

Many pet owners don’t have time to look after their pets, so they consider hiring people to take care of them. 

To find gigs, you can promote your services on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also create an account on platforms like Rover, etc. 

Rent your car

If you can rent your car, you must consider doing this work. You can rent it for the duration you’re comfortable with on platforms like Turo. It’s a platform that permits people to rent their car and helps them earn money each time their car is booked. 


Have a great understanding of any language and can describe anything properly? Yes? You can try becoming a writer. 

The platforms where you can find writing gigs are Upwork, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Fiverr, People per Hour, etc. 

End Note –

So this is the answer to one of the most asked questions, “How I Make Money Without A Job” Not having a job doesn’t mean you can’t make money. All the above-listed works are something for which you don’t need any degree.

You can do any of these easily and earn a decent amount. So get started asap, and Good luck with your journey of making money without a job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I earn money without doing any work?

    Well, to be honest, you can’t earn money without doing any work. You have to work to get money as there’s nothing you can get for free. 

  2. How can I make $200 a day?

    Well, there are many things that you can do to make $200 per day, like writing, starting a business, marketing, becoming a virtual assistant, etc. 

  3. How can I make $1000 a day?

    Here’s the list of some things that you can do to make 1000 a day –

    Proofreading and editing
    Virtual Assistant
    Transcription, etc. 

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